Flower Finds For Brightening Your Home, Or Desk

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Photo by  Katy Belcher  on  Unsplash

Flowers are a bona fide way to brighten your home and brighten your mood. Who can deny that a beautiful bouquet of flowers, whatever the size, has the power and natural beauty to transform a room. Unfortunately not all of us have the time to take a trip to the Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday so I’ve looked into the best flower companies who can bring blooms just as fresh and beautiful direct to your home, or your office. Blooming marvellous!


Treat yourself to a flower subscription with Bloom & Wild and you can have beautiful bouquets delivered direct through your letterbox. Prices start from just £18 for a bouquet and you can have them delivered every week, fortnight or month. 

Delivering their flowers in gorgeous boxes, Bloom & Wild challenge traditional ways of buying your bouquets. They've created a concept that is modern and practical, while their bouquets have a true charm, reminding you of whimsical English country gardens. Their carefully selected flowers are hand-packed and so with each bloom there's a personal touch, a fresh sense of nature, and indeed a little piece of imagination and the wild. Plus, you can sign up to receive a beautiful bouquet every month - what a treat!

Tip of the day: studies show that waking up to a bunch of flowers in the morning can boost your energy levels and help you start the day feeling more positive!
— Bloom & Wild


Appleyard London make flower subscriptions super easy. As a gift for a loved-one, or for spoiling yourself, you simply choose how many months to subscribe for, where to send the flowers, and pick a package which start from £20 for a bouquet every month for a year - Appleyard London do the rest. The flowers arrive ready-bunched in a large box, with a hydration box to keep them fresh, so you may need a special place for the courier to leave them - as they won't be fitting through your letterbox! 


Subscriptions from Flowerbx are slightly dearer, at £50 minimum per delivery, but rest assured they always deliver on quality. This is a company that knows a thing or two about grand gestures and grand displays, with the most eye-catching and beautiful of blooms. For 2018 the company took on impressive projects with Annabel's, Jimmy Choo and Harry's Bar in celebration of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. You may not wish to decorate your home with displays that are quite as extravagant, but why not bring some blooming glamour into your own home? I’m loving Flowerbx's dinner party flower sets in particular, supplying everything you need to create the perfect floral ambience for entertaining your guests. 

Stay tuned for more tips on getting creative and bringing brightness into your home and the workplace!

Charlotte Franklin